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Helpful Websites for Students

FAFSA, Scholarships, Grants and more!

As scholarship applications come in, I will forward them onto our Seniors.

Top 10 Student Resources for College Financial Aid, Scholarships and Admissions

 1.  Action Plan for High School Students

 2.  Why Go to College?  

 3.  10 Ways to Jumpstart College Planning

 4.  College Search

 5.  10 Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Major

 6.  20 Questions To Ask Your Guidance Counselor

 7.  The SAT and ACT: You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers

 8.   Scholarship FAQ

 9.  Commonly Asked Financial Aid Questions

10.  College Costs


U.S. Dept. of Education Financial Aid Web Sites

Test Services

Other Useful Links


FAFSA4caster is an online tool that helps students and parents determine their current eligibility for federal student aid. Check out to learn how much aid you would receive if you applied today.

MyFSA is an online account that provides students with access to college and scholarship searches, career and self-assessment tools, and other valuable resources regarding college and financial aid. Students can set up MyFSA accounts by visiting and clicking on "MyFSA." To learn how to use and take advantage of MyFSA's various functions, students can click on "Introduction to MyFSA."