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Stanley High School fosters a caring and nurturing atmosphere which provides educational opportunities that enable  confident learners to succeed in academics and in life

Excited for a New Year

As the new school year approaches, we at SHS would like to wish everyone a safe rest of summer. It has been a busy one here at SHS and we are looking forward to impacting every student in a positive way.The staff is working hard every day to make next year the best year ever.

Dress Code Changes

DRESS CODE: khaki pants and blue or white polo shirts, no logos. Stanley plaid skirts are permissible. Brown or black belt. Stanley Hoodies only.

Absolutely no sagging will be permitted.

Athletic shoes, loafers, boots, oxfords are allowed. No slides, or open backed shoes, flip flops are allowed. Socks must be worn.

No hats, caps, bandannas, doo rags, wave caps, stocking caps, headgear or sunglasses of any kind will be allowed on campus during instructional day.

Cell phones and head phones are not allowed out in view during instructional day.

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Today: 7/24/14

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School Goals

Create a positive parental involvement system.

Decrease the number of student referrals by 10% (goal is less than 125).

Decrease student absences by 10%.

Increase our School Performance  Score (SPS) from 86.7 (B school) to 96.7 (A school).


Stanley High School Staff

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